BESTIES: 12/19-20/09

This is a photo diary from the weekend before last,
the nineteenth through twentieth.

Kaity was in town.
Went to Denton for Keith's graduation.
Longest ride over to Kristin's parents house.
Back to Arlington
took another trip to Denton.
Watched Tomo's band perform
their last show together.
Jumped on Trampoline.
Went out to lunch.

Besties is a section composed of the best candid/random photos. 
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This video is for my Dad.

This video a cover of the
Neil Young
song 'Cortez the Killer.'

It is a collaboration by
director Jim Jarmusch,
bedroom dreamer Bradford Cox,
and traveling buddy Randy Randall of 'No Age'.

I want to say it is a first time collaboration,
especially cuz Jim Jarmush is thrown
into the mix.

Job well done.


Studio Version:

I saw him perform this new song named
'Lewis Takes Action'
in Dallas a month ago
at the Granada.
Compare it to his live version..

Live Version:

The guy is brilliant.



Thomas Meluch better known as BenoƮt Pioulard is a music artist and photographer.
I you have never heard of this you need to.
Highly, Highly recommended.
He nicely blends recorded sounds, electronics, and atmospheric guitar.

Trust me and listen here.
Learn about him here.
Download his debut 7" EP

If you like his music as much as I do
support the artist and 
buy directly.
He used to hand make
the casing to his CD-Rs.

He makes beautiful music.



Jackie packs his backpack up,
with all his stuff..
He takes the road to the right.
And doesn't look back? Like
there's nothing behind him.

Susie sits and sews her a sweater
for her sister in Vermont.
She sits alone.
Watching the phone

not ring.

We walked in the road.
The dirty road.
The dirty road made of



Today Kristin and I ventured off into the woods to take some photos. It was such a nice day and ever since I got my camera I have wanted to go out into a wooded area behind the apartments for pictures. We found this area not more than a year ago venturing into the woods on trails and although the trees aren't as green as I liked, we still got some good photos.



This will be the last year that we have our tree up in these apartments. It is a dinky little tree, but it is all I have room for in my tiny apartment.



So Christine came in town from Vegas and all our high school chums got together. These photos were taken during our dinner at Cheddars in Garland. All photos have been retouched a bit and they are all JPG and RGB.

I have also thrown all the photos together in a zip file for everyone to steal. If you need help, follow the same instructions to download music on the right.

Beer drinking, happy smiling faces and the group shot.



(Leak: 11/16/09, Digital release: 11/23/09)

At the time I thought it would be a great idea for me to write some reviews for music that I am into, to help explain to others what is in this music I like so much. I have given the release of 'Fall Be Kind' by the assemble, Animal Collective a listen for a week and think it is a good time to review the album. It took me maybe a couple of years to truly understand their music. Watching youtube videos of these guys perform in 2003 or 04 when they were very young and they seem to perform their music at such an extreme level of quality.

This is me comparing the music to their earlier work and how they have always been great. I listened to every piece of music that they have ever recorded, to some extent. I have found that their catalog is perfect on every album, but I found this out in somewhat of a backwards pattern. First I started out with 'Feels', but I never really got into their music for a while then 'Strawberry Jam' was released and I worked with a guy who told me about some new blogs to visit. I really should get in touch with that guy.

This album was accidentally found on Amazon a couple of month ago, or maybe just a month ago. But I read on how David confirmed a new release and we would be seeing it very soon. They said the title of the EP was a play on the season fall and talked about how they enjoy the changing of the seasons so much.

The next album I would love if they put out an album of covers of their older songs that they are reinventing currently in concert. Like 'Leaf House', ' Who Could Win a Rabbit', 'Chocolate Girl', 'Infant Dressing Table', 'We Tigers' and 'Hey Light'

Track reviews after the jump.