(Leak: 11/16/09, Digital release: 11/23/09)

At the time I thought it would be a great idea for me to write some reviews for music that I am into, to help explain to others what is in this music I like so much. I have given the release of 'Fall Be Kind' by the assemble, Animal Collective a listen for a week and think it is a good time to review the album. It took me maybe a couple of years to truly understand their music. Watching youtube videos of these guys perform in 2003 or 04 when they were very young and they seem to perform their music at such an extreme level of quality.

This is me comparing the music to their earlier work and how they have always been great. I listened to every piece of music that they have ever recorded, to some extent. I have found that their catalog is perfect on every album, but I found this out in somewhat of a backwards pattern. First I started out with 'Feels', but I never really got into their music for a while then 'Strawberry Jam' was released and I worked with a guy who told me about some new blogs to visit. I really should get in touch with that guy.

This album was accidentally found on Amazon a couple of month ago, or maybe just a month ago. But I read on how David confirmed a new release and we would be seeing it very soon. They said the title of the EP was a play on the season fall and talked about how they enjoy the changing of the seasons so much.

The next album I would love if they put out an album of covers of their older songs that they are reinventing currently in concert. Like 'Leaf House', ' Who Could Win a Rabbit', 'Chocolate Girl', 'Infant Dressing Table', 'We Tigers' and 'Hey Light'

Track reviews after the jump.



Here are a collection of songs that I wrote between the months of April to June on my laptop. I am very satisfied of all of these songs.. they have been reworked quite a bit from the original recordings and they are the first collection of songs that I have finished that were created on my computer opposed to the MR-8. 'Control Myself' is one of my Brother Songs that I played with and layered adding instrumental effects to. 'Sunkissed Baby Tomato Plants' and 'Saturday, Maurice Built My Father's Fence' were created using no guitar and mainly consisting of keyboards.

Enjoy Blabbermouth (Click to DL)
Personal Favorite: The First Haughting in Months

NOTE: This file is a zip file, so if you need any help downloading and playing this song I have added instructions under my Status Report at the right of the screen.


My brand spanking new camera arrived on Monday, just as I got home. I saw the UPS truck as I parked and the delivery guy was literally waiting at my door with my big bundle.

Enjoy these photos Kristin and I took in the first two days that we have had the camera. The last one is the cover the Dallas AG Passbook that I designed.



It has been one too many days since I have posted anything on here.. well I haven't done too much recording since the last ones I posted. Recently I was thinking pretty seriously on purchasing the Axoim Pro 49 keyboard to bump up my music writing experience, but at a price of $4-5 hundred, it would set me back. So that is on hold, because I had to throw down $400 on my fucking car window that wouldn't roll up and also I finally purchased a DSLR. It was the same day I had to get my car window fixed. I was complaining a lot and thought I would never have enough money on the side for a camera. So I just bought the thing. It is a Nikon D3000 with an extra lens and lots of small stuff that came in a bundle.

So I bought the camera over the keyboard because it is time to get a camera already and we have been without one for way too long. I would love to buy the keyboard as well, but I can keep buying smaller music things to keep me growing a musician in the mean time.

Once I get the camera in, I will start posting up photos and whatnot. I plan on taking some much needed days off from my job to work on putting up a website with my work, music and photos I plan on taking.

Tonight I played the acoustic a bit and my fingers hurt! It has also been awhile since I picked up the guitar.. I am mad at myself. Been busy with other stuff and very busy at work that I just wanna come home and not do too much. Plus I got digital cable, since they caught me getting extended cable for free. They are bad excuses and I gotta play more. Gotta break those fingers back in again tho.

I plan on doing some recording this weekend so hopefully I will have some new songs uploaded soon.