So I got a lot accomplished today.. besides freaking out that I mailed a ticket off with the postage stamp 2 cents below postage (long story). I watered my freezing plants, worked on a chalk drawing and created a song on the MR-8, which I split in four parts.

Falling is me attempting to play keyboard on multiple tracks with all my peals hooked up to the MR-8. Not a whole lot of singing in these songs.. more of me just trying to work the distortion pedal in and out of sequences of made up rhythms. Most feature heavy reverb and some tracks feature heavy tremolo.

Falling (Click to DL)
Personal Favorite: Mom Gave Me a Comforter for College

NOTE: This file is a zip file, so if you need any help downloading and playing this song I have added instructions under my Status Report at the right of the screen.

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  1. Cool sounds man. Sounds like a lot of fun. Totally unrelated, but check out this awesome site i saw a few months ago: