So last night I was doing some research on bands that are going to Fun Fun Fun Fest because I am thinking pretty seriously of going.. I just wish Kristin will go and have fun fun fun. Bands I am looking forward to are Atlas Sound, of Motreal (of course), Yeasayer, Destroyer, Neon Indian, King Khan/BBQ, Crystal Antlers and Fuck Buttons.

So the point here is that I was looking at videos of electronic artists like HEALTH and Holy Fuck and came across some great videos on myspace. Holy Fuck talks about how they create and manipulate sounds on the fly with pedals and even a 35 mm film sychronizer. These guys are able to produce electronic-sounding effects without the use of laptops or programmed backing tracks. I am very, very impressed with the techniques of this style of electronic musician.

Breakfast at Sulimay's are usually videos of a group of awesome old ppl who review new music. But check out this interview with Joe from Breakfast at Sulimay's:

Another must-watch for me is Bradford Cox's Daytripping sessions from Pitchfork. During the first two minutes he interviews HEALTH and they talk about their DIY shirts. Fucking King Khan is the man and hilarious. Man I so wish I lived in NY cuz everyone who's anyone plays there.

If anyone else out there interested in this type of math, prog, electronic music don't hesitate to let me know and I can point you in the direction of some other great bands.


P.S. I gathered my gear together to visit my homie Tomo in Denton tomorrow for some jamming and chili fest!




Today 'Edward Scissorhands' was on A&E.. it brings back memories of when I saw it when I was a kid. I can't believe that movie was made in 1990.. time goes by. I laugh when I think about the first time I saw 'Batman' as a kid.. I saw it in the movie theater with my parents and the music was soo loud I was covering my ears and yelling "IS IT OVER?" or something like that. All Tim Burton's movies that I can remember from being a kid are classics in my book. Especially those two and 'Beetlejuice'.

Anyways as I watched the movie I got on my laptop to do some research on Tim Burton films and early works. I watched some makings of 'Edward Scissorhand' and a short film called 'Frankenweenie'. It was Burton's first attempt at a short film.. Burton started out as an animator for Disney. It stared the child actor, Barret Oliver, that played Bastian in 'The NeverEnding Story', Daniel Stern and Shelley Duvall.

Also I found a black and white stop motion film title 'Vincent'. It is a wonderful short based off a poem by Burton and narrated by Vincent Price about a boy who wildly imagines he is Vincent Price.

Please watch:

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Last week, my boss walked by my office door.. like he usually does. And he passes my office, on his way to probably either, get his cup of coffee, that just finished brewing or loading up another packet to begin the brewing process. ALL OF THE SUDDEN, he stops in the hallway. He turns around and walks over to my office door. I am not sure how long he had been standing there because I almost just had noticed as soon as he spoke.

He said something like, "Did you hear the news today?"
"No I sure didn't?" I said, as I looked puzzled.
"About IKEA((TINY TRADEMARK)) how people on the internet are mad"

I had heard about how they changed their trademark font from Futura to Vendana.. and I knew this because I had read it
here on 'The Small Print' blog.

There has been a lot on my blogs about Ikea, including a video called Ikea Heights. Check out the video filmed at Ikea.. terribly funny acting.

This past weekend I got a lot of time to mess with my sampler and time sure does fly when you are learning new equipment. I remember when I first got my m-box and spend literally half the day messing with it. So I learned that it is very difficult to sync up two samples at the same time.. I think I found a way around it, but in time I prob will learn new ways to work with it better. I also realized that the sampler is better for ambient sounds or loops to play over. Anyways I hope to further myself with it.. only time will tell.