So... long time, no blog. I believe I got my first comment today! Hooooray! And I got to borrow a bass in the process! Score!

So I got a new amp for our anniversary from my gf.. very nice piece, it has effects on the amp. So this saving me from buying different pedals, which can be expensive. I can test out a bunch of effects to see what intrigues me.. and lots to choose from. So yes I need to put some new recordings up, including the Denton recordings. Good news! I just got Apple Logic Studio 9 installed on the lapi with all the additional content so one step close to getting the other Denton recording on the web with the help of a better program.

Very bummed.. went to a Woods concert tonight and the doors opened at 8, so that mean show starts at 9 (which I called up the venue ' The Loft' and I was told the order would be Opener, Woods, then Closer). So that means they should go on about 10 pm. I show up about 10 til 10 pm and I saw a sign for Woods at 9:30.. SHIT! I need to get in there now and listen to them. I bought a ticket. Went up stairs. They were in the middle of jamming on the end of a song. Then they played one more song and they were fucking done! It was a 30 min set.. nobody does that.. what was the deal.. were they cut short?.. equipment problems?.. too messed up to play? The one song I caught was a cover song, which I love the song, but my problem is that I didn't get to see them perform any of their original material. Very bummed.. plus I wasted 5 bucks parking for 10 mins.

It gets you in a funk, like you don't want to listen to that band anymore, but you know you still like them, so you just don't listen to that band as much anymore. Sucks for them. Anyways laundry day is tomorrow so YAY get to spend have the day doing laundry, which is also the only time I get to hang out with Kristin tomorrow. If you didn't get it the last sentence, it was sarcastic.. I do not like doing laundry, even though it can be enjoyably with Kristin.

Next weekend is Chuck's bach. Gotta get together my wolfpack speech and get ready to be the awkward Andrea's-Brother. Should be fun times, drinking, having good time in swimming pool (hope to have diving board), and titties! Yippy Yippy!

Anyways, ometoomanyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaronyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy