The Growing Season is the period of each year when native plants and ornamental plants grow; and when crops can be grown.

This is a companion piece
to my earlier release
Mature Fruit.

These songs combine my
childlike rhythm
and soothing guitar play.

I soon will be selling this
as a double EP on
cassette and CD.

This collection of songs was recorded
during the months of
April through July, 2010.

01. Upright 1:15
02. Pretzels & Vegetables 4:14
03. Deep Tissue 2:28
04. The Difference 3:07
05. Bear Cans 1:44
06. Underwater Bottle 3:25
07. Baby Day 4:02

<a href="">Growing Season by Duane Almond</a>

Enjoy Growing Season 192 320 (Click one of the bitrates to DL entire release)

NOTE: This file is a zip file, so if you need any help downloading and playing this song I have added instructions under 'My Update' at the left of the screen.

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